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Nomic Foundation

Head of Engineering at Nomic Foundation

Nomic Foundation is hiring a Head of Engineering

Nomic Foundation
Nomic Foundation

The Nomic Foundation is the non-profit behind Hardhat, the most widely used Ethereum development environment. We’re focused on expanding Ethereum's development platform by building developer tooling to directly service core needs (Hardhat), and by creating low-level infrastructure to empower the ecosystem to build more tools (Rethnet and Slang).

Currently, we are 15 people (mostly engineers), located in 8 countries across Europe and the Americas. We plan to scale to 30 people. We are seeking an entrepreneurial engineering leader who will play a key role in scaling our engineering organization.

As the Head of Engineering, you will be responsible for driving the growth and success of our technical team. Your primary focus will be on hiring, onboarding, and training exceptional engineers while ensuring the efficient iteration and execution of our development processes. You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with our CTO and report directly to our CEO, providing strategic direction, insights, and updates on the engineering team’s progress.

We’re looking for a leader who can inspire and coach our engineers by fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

We expect the successful candidate to accomplish the following outcomes within the first six months of joining:

  1. Establish cohesiveness between the engineering units:
  • Implement and optimize development processes to ensure consistent releases and execution predictability.

  • Structure the teams in a manner that facilitates future growth, eliminates silos, and promotes transparency and visibility across the engineering organization.

  1. Cultivate a thriving engineering culture:
  • Foster a culture built on trust, ownership, and accountability, empowering individuals to take initiative and make a meaningful impact.

  • Instill a strong emphasis on quality, ensuring that engineering practices prioritize excellence in all aspects.

  • Establish a blame-free environment that encourages collaboration, learning from failures, and continuous improvement.

  1. Develop people processes:
  • Support effective and consistent 1:1 meetings to provide guidance, mentorship, and support to engineering team members.

  • Create a comprehensive career development framework encompassing progression plans, performance reviews, and learning & development opportunities.

  1. Scale the teams effectively:
  • Develop a clear vision and alignment regarding the team's growth and headcount plan, ensuring it aligns with our business objectives.

  • Establish and refine a robust hiring process that enables us to attract and hire top talent in the industry.

  • Ensure our hiring process is effective, efficient, consistent, and fair.


  • Experience in software engineering, with a strong track record of progressively increasing responsibility and leadership.

  • Experience in people management (managing managers is a plus!), and scaling engineering teams

  • Deep understanding of software development methodologies, processes, and best practices.

  • Strong technical background and ability to engage with engineers in discussions and problem-solving.

  • Strong Computer Science background

  • Proven experience in overseeing projects involving intricate technical challenges and trade-offs.

  • Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across different teams and stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated ability to build and nurture a positive and inclusive team culture.

  • Passion for continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

  • We recognize the critical nature of our engineering work and the importance of having a leader who can provide technical guidance, make informed decisions, and support the team in solving intricate problems. Your ability to comprehend the team's technical landscape and contribute meaningfully to discussions will be vital to your success in this role.

Our Tech Stack:

  • Rust
  • Node.js / N-API
  • Ethereum / EVM
  • TypeScript
  • Solidity

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