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Senior Front End Engineer at GammaSwap Labs

GammaSwap Labs is hiring a Senior Front End Engineer

GammaSwap Labs

GammaSwap Labs is scaling DEX liquidity by creating more efficient markets. The first product is a modular layer on top of other AMMs where LPs can earn a higher yield and borrowers can get leveraged perpetual exposure to any token, oracle free. We also have various products we want to build after that like the first Fee-less DEX. We plan to touch every major category in DeFi.

Who We Are

GammaSwap is building a novel oracle free volatility DEX where users can short the liquidity inside any AMM and any liquidity pool. This could be used to hedge Impermanent Loss (IL) or to long volatility on a token pair.

As a team, we value the freedom to work anywhere in the world, constructive and open dialogues, and credibly neutral protocols.

Who You Are

A senior level engineer with a background in developing sleek DeFi front ends. Experience in React, Typescript and Redux would be helpful.

You have a passion for creating beautiful user experiences and are meticulous in optimizing for reductions in friction, latency, etc. You’re a creative thinker and analytical problem solver who is inspired by the opportunity to build new startups and products and is unafraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. You can write and speak fluent English.


  • Design and build intuitive and satisfying user experiences
  • Collaborate with the team and cross-functional partners on all aspects of design
  • Develop clean, beautiful code that others can easily understand
  • Identify and advocate for team-wide areas of improvement and best practices
  • Mentor team members to refine their technical and architectural skills


  • Experience owning and shipping multiple products
  • Ability to disseminate complex financial products into approachable UX
  • 2+ years of industry experience working in software engineering - DeFi experience strongly preferred
  • A mastery of Node.js and React with a strong understanding of state management -General knowledge of using web3 libraries such as ethers.js or web3.js
  • Ability to quickly iterate and ship code using test-driven development patterns
  • Strong understanding of the product development process, converting Figma designs into robust, modern frontends
  • Mastery of CSS, preferably via a framework like TailwindCSS
  • Experience with version control and continuous integration, such as Git and Github Actions
  • Sound judgement when balancing moving quickly with producing quality code and long-term code maintainability
  • Appreciate productivity and care deeply about helping others collaborate more effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to work in areas beyond your comfort zone and motivated by personal growth
  • A passion for learning and a self-awareness of your learning style

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