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Digital marketing, content creation 🎬 at Quidli

Quidli is hiring a Digital marketing, content creation 🎬


Quidli is building micro on-ramps from Web 2.0 to web3. We enable organizations to share rewards in crypto with contributors directly from the apps you use today (web browser, Slack, Discord, etc.).

We’re recruiting for a Digital Marketing/Content Creation role to help increase online awareness & to accelerate business growth in close collaboration with the business development team.

Responsibilities include but aren’t limited to:

  • Development of engaging online marketing strategies & campaigns
  • Implementation of strategies & campaigns (content creation, distribution, data collection & analysis, etc.)
  • Regular syncs with business development team to enhance content deliverables

Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Appreciation for crypto/web3 space
  • Passionate about setting goals & achieving them, both collaboratively & autonomously
  • Working knowledge of social media (ex. more than just having a Twitter account)
  • Capacity to create digital content (graphic design, video production, etc.)
  • Excellent English language communication skills, emphasis on writing

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work at a fast-moving & venture-backed startup
  • Fixed & variable compensation options
  • Remote-first company work environment

*We cannot stress enough that this is not an ideation or consulting role; we're looking for and will only retain candidates who're able to act, react, and ultimately take ownership and deliver.

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