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Data Scientist - Gitcoin Passport at Gitcoin

Gitcoin is hiring a Data Scientist - Gitcoin Passport


Since 2017, Gitcoin has been building tools that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters to them.

Through our Gitcoin Grants Program, we've distributed over $50M to early stage builders championing projects across DeFi, climate, open source and beyond.

Gitcoin exists to unlock the growth and evolution of communities, and we believe that empowering communities to build, fund, and protect their shared needs is a crucial part of that mission.

This role will be Data Scientist for the Gitcoin Passport workstream. Gitcoin Passport is an Identity and Reputation aggregator that allows communities to gate access to their most important experiences and protect what matters! Our team provides 3 unique products to further this mission: Gitcoin Passport, Passport Scorer, & Identity Staking. These open source, privacy preserving products, help web3 communities create trustworthy digital experiences, and keep out bots and bad actors. Over 450,000 Passports have been created by users and we plan to grow to 1M+ by the end of the year!

As a Data Scientist, you will work with our Product and engineering teams to build out the data and user experiences for Gitcoin Passport. You will collaborate closely with product managers, designers, and engineering to deliver robust models that expand and enhance our analytics features both internally and externally. The Sybil problem is a fundamental problem within web3 and Gitcoin Passport is focused on working closely with our partners to reduce and ultimately solve Sybils.

This position calls for an inspiring Data Scientist with a collaborative spirit and the ability to strategize and execute the Analytics roadmap at all levels of the stack. The right candidate has a background in math or computer science and experience in scrappy, small organizations. You have the ability to get the data you need to answer the important questions and build models that push the frontier of Sybil detection and elimination. To succeed in this role, you’ll draw on your data science experience, technical knowledge, execution rigor, and creative-problem solving skills. This person will work within our Passport workstream to build products our community loves, in a way that introduces and reinforces, our web3 ethos.


  • Design and develop models that leverage large amounts of data to recommend strategies related to the classification and elimination of Sybils.
  • Develop, test, and clearly document statistical and machine learning models.
  • Create a rules engine and continually determine new rules to detect Sybils across a variety of blockchains and social graphs.
  • Feature engineering, maintaining data provenance, and ensuring data quality.
  • Data cleaning and effective labeling.
  • Define the necessary metrics to inform product strategy and determine success. Create reporting to consistently capture the metrics and guide the team to make the best decisions based on the metrics.
  • Partner externally with different dApps, chains (l1 & l2) and service companies to obtain and share critical data to improve the web3 ecosystem.
  • Define and drive Analytics vision, practices, and goals and detail driven execution.
  • Be a partner to the organization which includes other data analysts across other workstreams.
  • Have a keen eye on maintaining quality across the entire product, not only their realm of responsibility.
  • Work with an incredible and diverse team of engineers, product, community managers, and more to build engaging solutions that scale from hundreds of thousands to millions of users.


  • A strong interest and/or expertise in web3, ideally with experience in either working with decentralized product architectures or DAO governed solutions.
  • A validated ability to collaborate cross-functionally with distributed teams.
  • 3+ years of prior data science experience
  • Masters from an accredited college or university, preference for mathematics or computer science.
  • Enthusiasm for early-stage product development and comfort with short, agile development cycles. This includes a willingness to do what it takes to be successful, which may require activities outside of pure model development (such as testing, documentation, talking to customers to provide support, etc.).
  • Ability to learn and adapt well to new frameworks, languages, and challenges.
  • Experience making informed trade-offs that balance quick wins with robust long-term solutions.
  • Prefer experience with multiple languages like Python and related tools, including cloud platform tools (AWS).

You will be successful if you are able to lead by example – you never hesitate to get your hands dirty, filing bugs left and right and guiding others toward positive action. We are a high performing team and we are looking for an incredibly strong data scientist. Ideally you demonstrate the value of data science, helping others understand the implications of the data. When you work with others, they consistently learn from you and bring those learnings to other aspects of their work.

Gitcoin is changing how people allocate resources to fund and build their shared needs. We are eager for your interest and application!

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