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Senior Editor at Mojito

Mojito is hiring a Senior Editor


Mojito is the web3 consumer engagement platform for brands, on a mission to onboard the world to web3.

Mojito powers Web3 experiences with secure and scalable APIs, SDKs and No-Code tools. Mojito is trusted by the worlds top brands and agencies.

Help us build Mojito into the go-to web3 industry resource for brand leaders.

  • Web3 is an experiment. Our customer doesn’t have time to become an expert, analyze the latest case studies, follow the trends, and form strong strategies to sell internally.
  • Meanwhile, web3 poses a significant brand risk, which our customer is acutely aware of and battling internally all the time. Whether it’s a competitor’s embarrassing flop seen as a warning sign, or another WSJ story on crypto regulations in response to FTX et al, our customer is ill-equipped to answer their colleagues' concerns across these range of issues in real-time, let alone answer their own concerns as well. This has a chilling effect on progress, and can even pause or cancel projects as we’ve seen.
  • If our customer tries to help themselves, they must wade through Crypto Twitter and LinkedIn, parse through content that’s tailored for degen traders or hardcore technologists, or engage a ‘guru’ social media influencer in the space who almost certainly has zero enterprise brand building experience.

Mojito is already addressing this problem for the customers in our pipeline, but the knowledge and analysis we provide stops there. Instead, we need to productize this intellectual property into content so we can reach and help many more customers in their top of funnel journey find us. Content marketing is nothing new for B2B SaaS, however, we will employ a unique ‘newsroom’ strategy to get us started.

The newsroom strategy starts by picturing the customer trying to solve their web3 news, research and analysis problem across daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly time horizons, and asks: what content products can we deliver in these times to win their attention, trust, and consideration.

Based on this, we view the anchors of our newsroom strategy to be examples like this:

Week-daily: One bulletin-style post per day. Heavily linked newsgathering, summarization and analysis via Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletter roundup. Include a single recommended long read or video. Include a single stat. Include a single Did You Know? technical insight. Include a single quote from an industry influencer. Include a single poll question. Minimalism. Brevity. Pure substance and value.

Weekly: Must-read news synopsis newsletter. Brief analysis of recent market activity including explainers and recommendations. One interview Q&A read. One practical product-centric article. Recent survey results. A bit more depth of research, analysis and community participation.

Monthly: Must-read thought-provoking zine. One overarching theme dedicated to lasting trends, rise above the news and noise to talk about what’s really working, where brands are investing next, and why. One think piece (“web3 memberships”) featuring long interviews with at least 3 people on the topic, a survey all about the topic, ideally picked because it was the most requested answer in a recent survey, etc. Infographs, videos. Maybe it’s behind an email-capture wall.

Quarterly: Industry report. Charts, graphs, tables. Industry sentiment report, backward and forward looking. Worthy of printing and mailing to the top 1,000 CMOs.

This is meant to convey the concept of how these content products “stack” into a comprehensive web3 news, research and analysis offering for our enterprise customers. If executed well and then invested in, we believe this approach has the opportunity to catapult our brand into the minds of many more qualified leads and provide them plenty of touchpoints and reasons to get in touch while simultaneously expediting our sales to launch process because we consistently arm them and their key stakeholders with everything they need to make smart and quick decisions for their business.

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